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08.11 – Love Steaks

Originaltittel: Love Steaks
Manus: Jakob Lass, Ines Schiller, Timon Schäppi, Nico Woche
Foto: Timon Schäppi
Musikk: Golo Schultz
Medvirkende: Lana Cooper, Franz Rogowski
Produksjonsår: 2013
Nasjonalitet: Tyskland
Språk: Tysk
Spilletid: 89 min.
Visningsformat: DCP

Still from the motion picture LOVE STEAKS

Still from the motion picture LOVE STEAKS

Clemens works as a masseur, Lara as a cook, but their clientele is the same: the guests of a luxury hotel at the German Baltic Sea. As sparks begin to fly between the two, his sensitivity clashes with her fiery temperament. LOVE STEAKS is the first film of a new film- making movement called Fogma, as director Jakob Lass declared with a clear wink to the Danish Dogme 95 manifesto. It combines improvisation in scenes with a planned overall narrative structure and introduces two professional actors into an actual hotel environment, with the establishment’s real personnel in all the supporting roles.
This combination of planning and reliance on experience on the one hand and provoked spontaneity on the other infuses the entire project with a remarkable energy that suggests anything could happen while ensuring the entire enterprise doesn’t derail.
Raw, awkward and hilariously funny!

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